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Ethel Briggs and sharing

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In Early 2000 Ethel Briggs sent my mom and I (as well as many other family members across the US) family history, as she was our family historian as well as her own mother. She knew my mom and I were into family history and so wanted to pass down the information she had as she had grown to old she said and tired. With the promise we would share what she gave and also keep our family history alive. 

Well with raising young kids (I had 4) I took a break. Finally my kids are either out of the house or older teenagers. So I have time to now do so..

I am literally scanning and putting all she gave to us online. Little at a time it's getting on here. Matter of fact almost all of it is already. O will also be adding stuff I gathered myself or my mom gathered in our hunt for history. And will continue as I can.

Now who else has documents, pictures, newsletters etc..they wish to share? I know I am not the only one or a few of us here that have information ?

Let's honor OUR family. Come on all. Please and THANK YOU!!!

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