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    • Burial and obit found for Evans shows he actually died in Idaho Nov 27, 1920. View gallery for Evans for records.
    • History of Eugene Oregon View File 15 pages put of a Eugene, OR newspapers that focused on pioneer history. Many of our family members mentioned (DUNN, Callison, Cogswell, Gay, Masterson and more) Submitter Mary Glynn Submitted 05/24/2022 Category Documents, Charts, Files, pdfs and more  
    • Hello all, Our bulk email was having issues and sent out several of the same email. It is fixed now. Sorry about that.. Mary
    • View File Heritage Journal Newsletter 2022 I finally finished it. Anything in this newsletter will also be added to the website so you can have it for your own records. Please share this newsletter with your family and keep a copy for your records.  If you are interested in contributing in a future issue please email me (maryglynn_73@ live.com ) Submitter Mary Glynn Submitted 03/25/2022 Category The Heritage Journal Martin Baker Gay family NEWSLETTER  
    • Updates are Daniel and Ella (Richardson) daughter Bernice is also Winifred (the census just used first name on one and middle name on another) how I figured this out. The thank you card note in newspaper when Ella Gay passed away.  Also Ella (Richardson) Gay passed away later then what I prior thought. (Found her obit) its in the gallery album for Daniel under the newspapers album.  The reason I was confused is because the census shows he was a widow at a certain point. Then I come across her obit. Then found a census for her where she also losted herself as a widow. Apparently they seperated and when census came along they listed themselves as widows. So I updated the family group sheet for Daniels family. First post in the already started Family Chart post in Daniels forum.  
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