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Martin Baker Gay Family

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Today I visited the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Pleasant Hill the town our relative Elijah Bristow founded.

I know to some this is not exciting, but for me it was such an honor to walk through the cemetery our pioneer relatives now rest. The history they laid before us, they created, they built is incredable. I want to go back again to find more of our relatives headstones and history.

I found the Callisons, Bristows, Millers and more.

What an honor to keep their memories, their legacy, their lives alive in rememberance. My son asked me why I do what I do? I told him when were gone who will keep the memory of our lives alive, share who we were. I pray that our future generations come to see the importance of who we are, and were and what we did to put just another piece in the puzzle of our time in history, and of building our great nation, and further founding of this great country. The importance we were to others, to our families, friends amd communities. We are all just a piece in this mass puzzle,  without our part in it, the puzzle cannot be complete. 


Will post pictures of the headstones, though I know you can find them on the internet, these are precious to me and I hope you also appreciate them as well.


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