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Martin Baker Gay Family

To get your family tree....easy peasy

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Here on our website go to our forums. Then click on "Resource Links" then click on post "great websites and resources". There is information on how to get app and our family tree file I have on dropbox so you can have our entire family tree on your phone through this app.  (Mind you my file is old and much info has been updated since, so some of the info isn't accurate on the file. But 90% or so is accurate) (plus I have added much since putting that file on dropbox. I just havent saved the new info to dropbox yet) 

You can add more info etc.  

Go get it ♡ Now hopefully it allows you to print or save your tree so you can share it on here. (Right from your phone.


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Link to our gedcom file (our family tree)

this will lead you to our gedcom file. I have it in dropbox (updated Dec 2018)

You upload this to a family tree software in order to view it and then you can also add to it, but remember when you add to it, only you will see it)

Unless you upload it to ancestry and make it public. 

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