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Martin Baker Gay Family

Thank you information Contributers!

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Here is an ongoing list of contributors over the year and current. I will be adding more as I go.

Don and Shirley Gay (Gay side information)

Richard Jolly (Gay side information)

Penny Gay Stute (Gay family information)

Pauline Gay Chorlton (Helped get me into family history, we worked side by side for years together working on it)

Mary Belle Gay (Kelly) (Davenport and Gay side information)

Kristi Quinlan Dodge (Gay side information  pictures, documents)

Idrys Leber Owens (Gay side information)

Alvin and Blenda Gay (brother and sister)(Gay side information)

Ted and Linda Gay (Gay and Davenport information)

Tremane Family (Gay family Information)

Overton Family (Bill and David) (Overton/Key/Gay side information)

Deb Beane (Charles F. Gay family)

Brenda Shannon Gay (Davenport information)

Walter Alan Gay (Gay side information)

Sjona Barcroft (Whitsell side information)

Jeff Harper (Merideth, Borton, Harper side information)

Steve and Mary Gay (Charles F. Gay family information)

Lane County Historical Museum 

Lois Barton (Gay side information)

Titus families (Titus and Gay family Information)

Donnie and Rena Titus (Titus and Gay family information)

Debra Cox (Gay side information)

John Callison (Callison, Linder, Bristow families)

The State Historical Society of Missouri

Boone County Library

Findagrave (many contributors there)

Kathie Blair (Charles F. Gay families)

Megan Cogswell (Cogswell family info)

Pat and Renee Russell 

Sharon McGill (Linder side information)

Phil and Kay Cogswell (Cogswell family information)

Lee Gay (different Gay line but he shared information)

Cindy Watson (Gay side information)

Nancy Frost Multon (Gay side information)

Ethel Briggs (Linder,Callison and Gay side information)

Angela Titus Welcome (Gay and Titus side information)

Tilly Mason (Davenport information)

Polk County Historical Museum  ( Gay family Information)

Dennis and Shirley Gay (Gardell Franklin Gay family info)

Let me know if you have any information you want me to share, or you are welcome to share it yourself here on our website.





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