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Martin Baker Gay Family

New documents uploaded for Martin B. Gay family

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There should be 21 documents that all go together but I had to upload them seperately on here.

Here is am email from Don and Shirely Gay that go with those documents


Mary Glynn,
We are sending you these PDF files on Martin Baker Gay's Father, Charles Gay Jr "the Lame man" (1776 -1842) because we thought it would be best to let you review them first rather than post them directly on your new Martin Baker Gay Family website. 
As you can see most of this information was obtained from Cumberland County historian R.N. Smith, who led me to Edythe Rucker Whitley, a respected Genealogist in Nashville, TN.
Someone had hired Mrs. Whitley to research Charles Gay of Cumberland County, KY to verify that he descended from Thomas Gay of Nansemond County, VA.
Unfortunately, Mrs. Whitley was never able to verify this and in the process also confused our Charles Gay Jr, the father of Martin Baker Gay, with another Charles S. Gay that had lived in Richmond, but had married Margret Lewis Erskine and moved to Augusta County, VA.
Mrs. Whitley died in 1989 and her life long collection of research papers were obtained by the Williamson Library in Franklin, TN.  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Rucker-867
In mid May we went to the Williamson Library to look through the Whitley papers on the Gay Family, contained in Boxes 129 and 130, but were unable to confirm who had hired Mrs. Whitley to research the Charles Gay family, but we do have a good idea that it was probably the Peter Meersman family of Nashville, whose wife donated the Key-Overton-Gay letters to the Tennessee State Library and Archives. 
Apparently Martha Ann Washington Gay/Overton/Key(1815-1886), Sister to Martin Baker Gay, collected the Key-Overton-Gay letters over her lifetime and then passed them on to her Daughter Tennessee Woodson Key Black (1857-1928), who then passed them on to her daughter La Lena Black Parkes (1882-????), who passed them on to her daughter, La Una Gay Black Parkes Meersman/Nielson (1909-1994), who donated them to the Tennessee State Library.
While in TN, we also went back to the Cumberland Co, KY area to photograph parts of the West Fork of Crocus Creek, where the Charles Gay family lived on 70 acres leased from  James Vaughn as described in the attached 24 June 1833 document recording listed.
Since we will be in Oregon from July 18 - July 25,  2018 we were hoping we might be able to meet with you some time during that week and discuss the Gay family prior to 1851.
Please look over the attached files, and let us know if any additional information is needed.
Best regards
Don & Shirley Gay"
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