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Martin Baker Gay Family

Great websites for researching

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Hey all,

Here are just a few good sites for researching family history. Also comment below if you have websites that are not listed you find a good resource. 

Find a GraveHttp://www.findagrave.com this site honors those whom have passed away. But has tons of info su h as obits, history and pictures that families share on the individual memorials. It's a WONDERFUL resource. (Free)

AncestryHttp://www.ancestry.com this site is not free. It's about 99.00 for 6 months. However it is loaded with tons of resources, such as pictures, newspapers, census, war records, marriage and death reports and so much more. 

Use Google to search up county historical societies. Historical societies have wonderful resources for books, documents and more. They usually charge you to use their resources so be aware. You can even pay them to find stuff for you.

Use Google and look up museums for counties. Like example "Lane County Historical Museum" etc.. Museums are packed with family history. You can contact them many times to also research for you. You may have to pay for that however.

You can also find tons of historical newspapers online. Some free, some not. Some searchable, some do not allow you to search a name, so you have to read. I use my screenshot or clip option to clip out articles.

ArchiveHttp://Archive.org a great site (free) for finding books, documents on histories of areas or people. You can open a book and it allows you too search for names etc. Within the book. Plus you can save the books many times. 

Chronicling Americahttp://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov there are free newspaper searches. However much of this site is not free.

 Newspapers galore. (Free): https://news.google.com/newspapers  Anything from current to historical newspapers. My only frustration with this option is if you do not know the newspaper to look into then it makes it harder. The site needs to have states listed by the name of newspapers, but it does not. So takes much more time. But this site can be well worth your time!!

Here are a few starters for you. Will add more soon.

Please comment if you have sites you have found helpful. Make sure to give a link to it ♡

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McClure is from Charlotte Temple Linder Gays (David Green Gay's wife)family. Her grand mothers (Gilmore Callison m. Susan McClure) anyway I noticed in the Eugene City Newspaper that the Mcclures started a Magazine. (Not sure if the Oregon Mcclures are related or not)

Here is the link to that http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/serial?id=mcclures


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