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Hello everyone,

Well today I found a few more goodies to add to our photo albums in the galleries. Yesterday I found a mention of David and Charlotte's 3 year old daughter whom passed away. Breaks my heart that so many families suffered the loss of babies and children do to disease or accident by wagons/buggy.

So much to discover about our family. I know most family historians do mainly obits and marriages, but I find newspapers are wonderful about relative mentions and locations and stories we may never hear about amongst writings. In a since you get to know much more about the person not just an event date. O have found it to be super rewarding,shocking at times, funny and sad as well. 

I didnt used to much care years ago about history..how boring right? But once I discovered some of our basic history just in our family tree it helped open my eyes to so much more and the desire to discover more became addicting ? It actually is fun. Once you find a new story a new leaf that belongs on our tree you get super excited. 

Anyway well I hope the forum creates more activity by others. 


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