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Martin Baker Gay Family

Sharing..its vital

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Hello all,

I cannot share enough how vital sharing your records are for our family and for future generations. 

Years ago Ethel Briggs passed some of her collection to my mom and I. She asked us that we share the records and what she gave to us in trust.  So it has been our mission to honor her wishes. She gave many other families records as well and my only wish is that they also share to honor her hard work.

When I say share I am not ever asking for anyone to send or give me originals EVER. Let's be clear on that first thing. With the digital age and easy scanning and printing options I am simply asking for you to take a picture or scan of your records and post them here or wherever else. 

Anything can happen to physical records. Though those are valuable as well, digitalizing them is just as important. 

Why horde what you have? I never seen the value to anyone in doing this. It seemed to be the old way of thinking and it's never been clear why? (I can understand before the time of the digital age, but that age is no longer now)

How can our history continue to exist if we bury it? We have so much to be proud of, so much our family accomplished throughout history. We helped build America, we helped in its founding. Be proud of that. 

I for one will always be willing to share. Remember anything you share with me, I will post and share with others. Just for that heads up. All credit goes to you. I do not have many originals, the ones I do I have I have already shared or will be sharing copies on here soon.

The hardest part of all is knowing much will die with you, when you go. Why let that happen?

It isn't our things and I totally get that, as said I am not asking for originals. But if you have a family tree or a story to share then why not share it?

Warning: This post is here to encourage, not to come off as anything other than encouragement. I want peace to be kept here no accusations or past arguements over documents, diaries etc.. This is a new time, a fresh go forward. 

Now let's get a sharing...

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