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Martin Baker Gay Family

My introduction - Mary Glynn

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Hello all,

My name is Mary I have 4 children (Justen,Julionna,Gabriel and Paul) I also have two in heaven (Grace and Mariah Belle) in March 28th, 1993 I married Brian Patrick Glynn. He died suddenly Aug 22, 2015. Cardiac Arrest.

My mother Pauline and I started working on our family history in 1999. Family history websites were fairly new, we were one of the first ones to upload our particular family tree on most of the websites that were available at that time. Heck ancestry.com was still a free website in those days. 

Anyway here is my line up

Martin and Ann Gay had

David Green Gay and Charlotte Temple Linder Gay who had

John Green Gay and Nancy Adeline Whitsell Gay who had

Walter John Gay and Pauline Gloria Tibbetts Gay who had

Pauline Gloria Gay and Richard Morgan Loomis who had

Me (Mary Mae Loomis Glynn)

I love family history..there is never enough time to get it all done as there is always more to discover. 

I also love to read and I love to knit.

Besides family history I run a national charity heavenlyangelsinneed.com (I retired the charity in 2018)

I also love photography. Find me on instagram @marymae_photography

Mary Mae Photography. I am working on a website for that..hopefully soon ?

 Well that's me in a nutshell.






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