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Martin Baker Gay Family

Looking for researchers

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Hello all,

I need volunteers to help me do research on our family history.

I need someone willing to also post your research here on our website. Pictures, documents, and resources.

Tagging: When you tag each item (you will see that option anytime you post anything.) [Remember put a comma beside each word you type in the tag area example-->  cogswell ]Once you do that and click space it makes the word an active tag. Which turns it into a link of sort. When someone uses our search option they can find related content of all items tagged.

Anyone want to help make this website successful? I do realize I started the website, but I did do it for us, all of us. For future generations, for other researchers. Sure there are other ancestry searching sites. However this one is special and about our family specifically.

This family is ALL of our family. Any help is needed,vital and helpful.



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Renee, my mom and I were the ones who originally connected and added the first database of our family on ancestry when it was still free and a fairly new site. We go back to Henry Gay. 

So yes always interested in all of our history and would be honored for your help. That would be HUGE. Thank you.

All documents,wills,diaries,newspaper,pictures...

really all welcome ♡

Thank you again

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