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Martin Baker Gay Family

Searching in old newspaper tips

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This post will focus on old newspaper searching. I will add more as I go and also encourage you to leave comments also adding tips and tricks if you have some to share.

Or have questions.

1. The picture is of a half name. Here is why. The computers that locate words and highlight them so you can find the articles cannot read out a whole word when the word in the sentences typed by the newspaper was cut short..example

I type in Whitsell it's a last name of one of our relatives. I wasnt having luck finding a particular article.

As below (just an example, not Whitsell..but it's a point I am trying to make) the Whit- next sentence finished the last name. 

Be creative. I couldnt find Martin Baker Gay jrs obituary forever. I got creative and split search words up..ding found it right away. 

2. Also if you know when an event happens then do not be afraid to scan the entire paper, not relying only on the computer highlighting the articles. I have found many articles because it missed the words or article when relying on it.


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