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Martin Baker Gay Family

Massie-Callison-Bristow connections

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Talk about crazy and some work Haha
We knew the Bristows married our Callisons (Robert Callison married Polly Bristow).
Well I didnt know they also marry into our Massie line.
Josephine Massie you see was married to John Kennedy Bristow. (His first wife whom died on the Oregon trail)(John Kennedy Bristow son of Elijah Bristow. Brother of the Polly Bristow that married Robert Callison) 
This Massie line is connected to our Callison line as well. Merging them together was some work..but all is done.


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Okay the Massie's through the Mcclures.

(Which as you know the Mcclures marries our Callisons (Gilmore Callison married a Mcclure) Robert his brother married Polly Bristow. (The last picture is the Josephine Massie who married the Bristow)





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Haha if that isn't enough. Picture Nathanial Massie (father of Josephine that married a Bristow)
Look how this connects.

So Mary Davis and John Davis are siblings thus where our Massie and Davis intertwines


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