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The Heritage Journal Martin Baker Gay family NEWSLETTER

This is where all Heritage Journal Newsletters will be uploaded.

If you are interested in contributing to future newsletters.

1. One time article

2. Become an editor and do an article at least 1 time a year.

3. Do research for articles for us.

And more.

Contact maryglynn_73@live.com 

All newsletters uploaded will be in pdf format, for you to read or print at your pleasure. We do not offer print versions.

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  1. Heritage Journal Newsletter 2022

    I finally finished it. Anything in this newsletter will also be added to the website so you can have it for your own records. Please share this newsletter with your family and keep a copy for your records. 
    If you are interested in contributing in a future issue please email me (maryglynn_73@ live.com )


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  2. UPDATED: Heritage Journal Newsletter 2021

    This is super simply made. I was hoping to have more made by now, but life got away with me. My goal is to have 1 done every year.
    If you would like to write articles for our newsletter please contact me. Thank you!!!


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