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Martin Baker Gay Family

Gay Family Reunion

Event details


Its time for another Gay Family Reunion!!

Potluck Style all the way! 

Bring a dish or 2 (chips or whatever)

Bring a dessert 

Everyone bring a 24 pack of soda or water on cold ice in a cooler (to share with all)

I will put a donation request in when it gets closer to time so I can an pick up paper plates and such for reunion.

[A Secret Auction.. all monies will be used for the next reunion supplies, rental for location if need be etc... Secret Auction means noone knows whos items are being auctioned, because its not about that.]

All families attending please bring at least 1 item to auction if you can. (Purchased or handmade)

And bring some cash to make bids. All items sold need to be paid fully before you leave. (Thank you)


(More will be added to this soon)





(Pioneer Park in Brownsville, OR) 


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