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Martin Baker Gay Family
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About this blog

This blog I am hoping to share more about the person, the relative behind thr pictures and documents. 

These could be little short stories, or discussions...lets see where it leads us. 

You enjoy things like this and would like to write..let me know I will add you as a contributer to this blog.

And some of it may go in future newspetters if I can get that ball rolling as well. (We need contributes for that as well)

[Image is Martin Baker Gay and wife Ann Stewart Evans, Banner picture is Boliver Gay]


Entries in this blog

How I knew who was who

How did I know who was who in the first all family group photo above, of Martin Baker Gay and family? Image was in the book Lois Barton published "One Womans West" the image had basic information below it. I made it my mission to put a face with a name. I am a photographer in my personal life so know  a bit on family placements, but modern placements vary today. It started out matching poorly fax type copies done by zerox type machines, my mom and I received from Ethel Briggs. Some ima
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