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Martin Baker Gay Family

Welcome (Read here first)

Mary Glynn

Welcome to our families website! Oh yes we finally have our very own website!! So much to see and read. We have our very own galleries/albums per family. Plus you can create your very own album. 

You can start your own blog here on the website.

You will find so many resources here. It's a new site so much is being added almost daily so come back often you will have stuff to read almost every time you visit. Need help just ask. Will do our best to answer your questions.

Sharing the website: We encourage you to share this website with ALL of your family even if they do not get into family history. Because it gives them the opportunity to see where they come from. Our history is something to be proud of. If they join great, if not then that's okay. You asked that's the main thing.

Posting and Sharing information: I have been contacted asking if the site is only for me to post on, my answer is absolutely NOT. Matter of fact its getting lonely posting on the site by myself. 

So please feel free to post away. Ask questions on the site itself, instead of writing me, post it on the forum here. ?

Welcome, and go say HELLO ♡

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